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At Wellsprings Primary School we inspire creativity, high achievement and enjoyment.

By expecting high standards of everyone at Wellsprings, we will make sure that:

  • our school is a fun and exciting place to learn
  • we work hard on improving the key skills for life
  • we are confident doing things oour own and as part of a team
  • we continue to be proud of being part of our school and celebrating success
  • we are safe and feel cared for

Please take a look at our  School Mission Statement​

Books and reading are always at the forefront of our mind at Wellsprings, and we have many strategies to encourage children to read and enjoy reading.  This September, all staff undertook training to develop their Phonics teaching skills. We have also invested a considerable amount of money purchasing materials to help children develop their phonics skills- a programme called Read, Write Inc. We are also focusing on GPS – the shortened title for what the DfE refer to as Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, which we are striving to include more formally in our curriculum.  We also encourage the children to wri​te with confidence and imagination, no matter what the subject, giving them a range of opportunities from short, snappy writing activities to extended writing challenges.

For further information about how the school helps your children learn most effectively, please read our School Plan (Raising Achievement Plan)  and school evaluations by visiting our Governors section​.

With the change in the revised National Curriculum 2014-15, expectations have been raised for standards of achievement for all pupils. This coincides with most schools taking on the ‘mastery currciulum’- whereby all pupils are given the chance to achieve similar expectations, with a variety learning opportunities. To see a presentation which the school shared with our Governing Body, also with visiting teachers from other schools, and with parents new to the school, see how we plan for ‘deeper learning’ for our pupils Deeper learning presentation

Something else you may find interesting to know is that we have a YouTube channel!  We are particularly proud to present “The Incident”, a film made by five of our children for Safer Internet Club 2015.  It was made to teach children about cyberbullying and what to do if it happens to you.  Visit Wellsprings School TV and take a look!

We have four houses in our school:





which allow for robust competition in events such as our Interhouse Festival of Sport!

Any concerns or complaints can be provided to the Headteacher, or if necessary to the Chair of Governors, via the Concerns and complaints Policy in our Policies and procedures page​
We have a strong commitment to sport and regularly achieve well in tournaments and competitions – as our trophy cabinet proves!

We were very excited and proud to receive the Sainsbury’s School Games SILVER award for 2018 having worked our way up from Bronze in 2015!​​

Our School

Written by Emily, Libby, Olivia and Amelia.

Below are our profiles, which we have taken from the autobiographies we completed as part of our Year 6 homework project. Hopefully they will give you a little detail on who we are and what we enjoy in and out of school.

As part of a further project with Mr Lunn, we looked at Wellsprings, taking photos of important areas in our school, and how we use these spaces.

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