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We have clubs for Netball, Running, Change 4 Life, breakfast and after school, football, chess and art and craft.​

Netball Club

The netball club, is run by Miss Hawthorne, along with parental support. Aimed at boys and girls in Key Stage 2, the club has enjoyed tremendous success and improvement over a short period of time. Sometimes it has been a steep learning curve, but we have turned frustration and defeat into determination and winning attitudes and performances. This currently runs on Mondays after school.

Running Club

The netball club, is run by Mrs Broadway and Mrs Lambert, along with parental support. Aimed at boys and girls in Key Stage 2, the club is very well attended and kept busy for the whole session! Running club takes place on Tuesdays at present.

Change 4 Life

Change 4 Life is a government-backed initiative designed to encourage ‘less active’ children into sporting and fun activities. It is targeted at Year 3 and 4 children as well as their families, who we encourage to come along, support and even take part in everything that happens. We see it as a great opportunity for those who are not so fond of the traditional sports clubs to take part and take ownership of something that they enjoy doing and being a part of.

So far the children involved have taken part in a range of fun games including hot shots, not in my back yard, ten pin bowling, parachute games such as sharks and lifeguards or mushroom, as well as general exploring activities using the climbing apparatus we have in the hall. All in all, it has been a hoot!

Not only that, but the club gives the children a chance to enjoy and learn about healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. Each week the members have been brave and sampled a selection of sumptuous fruits including pineapple, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, melon, and much more when we enjoyed ‘Smoothie Week’! (I wonder when we’ll do that again…?!)

Here are the clubs we now do across the school:

Rise and Shine Breakfast Club

Rise and Shine starts at 8.00 am. This takes place in the school hall with activity for 20-25 minutes before having breakfast in the dining area until the start of the school day. We have sessions in the ICT suite, which the children particularly enjoy. Recently KS2 children have also been involved in our Badminton early morning tournament, which is proving to be well contested!
The cost is £1.50 per child per morning session.

Please find below some documents you may wish to read about our out of school hours clubs:

Stay and Play After School Club

Our After School Club, Stay and Play (originally known as ‘3 till late’), runs three days a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 3.15-5.30 pm. This club is open to all ages from nursery up to Year 6 and has two trained staff who provide a range of activities and a snack. The club starts directly after school and finishes at 5.30 pm. We offer a two-tier tariff: £3.50 for 3.15-4.30 pm or £6.00 for 3.15-5.30 pm.

Activities include:

  • Baking/making food
  • Craft making
  • Computing
  • Ball games using our playgrounds and field areas
  • Construction
  • Water, sand and playdough

Please contact our office if you wish your child/ren to attend Stay and Play
Please see the relevant out of school hours club documents in the previous section (Rise and Shine Breakfast Club) on this page.

Wellsprings Football Club

We are the mighty ‘Springboks’ – Wellsprings FC!

Football is a great sport to encourage physical development, improve self-confidence and make friends. Our football club encourages children of all abilities to take part and enjoy their football.
Training is on Thursdays (Year 3/4) from 3.15 until 4.30 pm.

Chess Club

The chess club is run by Mr Lunn, and takes place every week during the Spring term, after school on a Monday afternoon. Thee are ‘experts’ and ‘novices’ who attend – Mr Lunn falls somewhere between the two camps. We have Year 1 to Year 6 children playing, and everyone likes to beat Mr Lunn (which happens far too often for his liking…)!

We use the internet to play some chess games – one favourite we enjoy most is Crazy Chess, which is best played on the interactive whiteboard. Either on screen or on the IWB is very addictive!

Every year we take part in the British Land UK Chess Championship​. This tournament involves over 30,000 pupils across the country, culminating with national finals in London. We have as yet got that far, but we thoroughly enjoy gaining points and prizes in the initial stages of the document!

Yoga/Zumba club

Run by Mrs Adams (with KS1) and Mrs Fearn (Y6 children), these clubs provide something a bit different from the usual clubs we have offered previously!


Stem club has run on and off over the past few years. The group has the chance to think about solving problems through construction and design, using applied maths and science skills. What fun!​

Art and Craft Club

Art and Craft Club runs after school. Children from KS2 take part in a range of creative activities using different media, whether drawing, painting, modelling or sticking. Along with paper, pens and paint, we have used clay, cardboard boxes, lollipop sticks, tissue paper, wool and cotton buds.​

Garden Club (lunchtime)

Children in Year 3/4 have loved making their garden patch outside their classes (in Robins) so much more attractive. Roll on the warmer months this year, so we can add to the glorious planting we now have in place!

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