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The School Curriculum at Wellsprings

Fundamental to devising our curriculum is a clear understanding of the strengths and needs of Wellsprings Primary School community.

In our work to shape the curriculum we have consulted with local stakeholders including parents, governors and colleagues from the wider community.

We use the curriculum to enable children to make connections as they move through our school and relate local to global. ​

Our children have been key in bringing to life our Vision and Values statement, taking each area and agreeing a common understanding of what this looks like in our school in terms of behaviours for learning, effective communication, aspiration and self-belief to be the best that they can be.

Please click on the curriculum links below to see relevant documents. The tab bar of the left also provides an overview for each subject area as well as some further documentation.


WRITING                                  READING                                     MATHS                                     SCIENCE 

   Policy                                           Policy                                          Policy                                           Policy

     Curriculum Overview               Curriculum Overview        Curr Overv- Numb Mult-Div Fract         Curriculum Overview

Curr Prog KS1/Y3- 4/Y5-6     Curr Prog KS1/Y3-4/Y5-6             Curr Pr 1 2 3 4 5 6                Curriculum Progression

               HISTORY                                GEOGRAPHY                          COMPUTING                      DESIGN/TECHNOLOGY        

Policy                                             Policy                                          Policy                                              Policy

Curriculum Overview               Curriculum Overview              Curriculum Overview                 Curriculum Overview

     Curriculum Progression          Curriculum Progression        Curriculum Prog KS1/KS2           Curriculum Prog KS1/Y3-4/Y5-6

ART                                           MUSIC                                           MFL                                                PE

Policy                                             Policy                                           Policy                                              Policy

Curriculum Overview               Curriculum Overview              Curriculum Overview                 Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Progress/App B          Curriculum Progression        Curriculum Progression            Curriculum Progression

PHSE/RSE                                     RE

   Policy                                           Policy

 Curriculum Overview/RSE          Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Progression/RSE      Curriculum Progression

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