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Physical Education

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PE, or Physical Education, is a high priority here at Wellsprings School, as it is important for children to feel healthy and grow strong.  Through our teaching and in extra-curricular sporting activities we aim to offer children of all ages a raft of opportunities to promote their physical education. See our review of the PE funding:



Since 2013 the school, in line with a nationwide Olympic legacy initiative, has been funded to provide extra opportunities for sport.  Please visit our PE and Sport Premium page for detailed information on the funding and its outcomes.
We have worked hard to promote PE and sports skills over the lasy few years, with targeted support for KS1 classes and provision for pupils who enjoy PE/Sports less than others. This has included providing alternative PE sessions- dance, gym, a ‘Spinning bus’ that visited once a week, KS1 swimming sessions, Change for Life targeted provision etc. The teachers also provide ‘inter-house’ competition across the school year, to give differnt routes to the sporting curriculum for a range of pupils.

Here are the clubs we now run at lunch and after school: ​clubs timetable.pdf

Our PE Policy is available on our Policies page.

At Wellsprings we plan to use this funding for:

training and development opportunities so that our staff have the best skill set to be able to teach children

weekly swimming sessions for children in Years 1, 2, 5 and 6

the continued running of 'Golden Mile' competition which we announce the winner every week on Tuesdays assemblies

the support of an admin person to oversee 'Golden Mile' and the additional resources we provide as part of the PE/Sports menu

development and updating of equipment and resources in school, including a range of diverse sports

sports leaders within the school to have time to meet and plan the PE curriculum so it is relevant and up to date and promotes excellent teaching and learning in PE

supporting the annual 'Health Week' which we reinstated in January 2019, with a visit from an Olymoic athlete. We also had martial arts lessons, keepfit sessions, mindfulness and yoga, Golden Mile competitions...

extra after-school clubs to engage a broader range of children at the school, targeting younger and less active children - for example, Change 4 Life Club, Spinning classes, Dance (for KS1 onwards)

employing a coach to lead clubs (at lunch and after school), and to support the improved profile of PE through 'real teaching' model sessions for staff to observe.

You may also like to visit our Sports and Interhouse page.​​​

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